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    Clearing up confusion for the Handspring TREO 600 internet offers
    Customers are contacting Customer Solutions about information and offers they've heard about for the new TREO 600 handset.
    Type: General Information
    Internet offers information:

    Customers who contact Customer Solutions requesting information about a TREO owner upgrade program, should be refered to Handspring's web site: for details. This offer is only available through the Sprint Business Solutions Partner, Handspring.
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    If you receive a call regarding a $100 or $150 credit offer, please refer the customer back to where they purchased the device. Details regarding the offer can be found at the original site where they learned about the offer.

    Contract Renewal credits are not applicable for Consumer and Employee Purchased customers.
    Corporate purchased customers are not eligible for Contract Renewal credits unless their company's Master Term Agreement is renewed. This is handled by the field sales rep, not Customer Solutions.
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    Warranty information:

    The Handspring TREO 600 should never be used as a warranty replacement for any handset model other than itself.

    o For example, if a customer has a warranty issue with the TREO 300, then it must be replaced with the TREO 300.

    Customers will not be allowed to "swap up" to the TREO 600 - i.e. return their used TREO 300 handset (or other used handset), and pay the difference in cost.
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    Yiso CF Card CF2031 367 No issues $179.99
    Handspring Treo 300 HSTR300HK 1,414 No issues $399.99
    Handspring Treo 600 HSTR600HK 693 No issues $599.99
    Hitachi G1000 HTG1000KIT 80 Low inventory levels $649.99
    Hitachi P300 HTP300KIT 617 No issues $149.99
    LG 1200 Blue LGB1200HK 770 Last day to order this item is Friday 10/31 $99.99
    Nokia 3588 i NOK3588SPR 3,561 No issues $149.99
    Novatel Card NSPC190SPR 674 No issues $179.99
    Airprime PC3200 Connection Card PC3200HK 925 No issues $199.99
    Toshiba 2032 PDA2032SP 484 No issues $399.99
    Sanyo 4900 SCP4900KIT 0 Pre Order only - ETA last week in October $149.99
    Sanyo 5300 SCP5300KIT 1,618 No issues $229.99
    Sanyo 8100 Silver SCP8100SHK 4,175 No issues $229.99 (PRPRPR $$249$.$99$)
    Samsung A460 SPHA460SHS 581 Last day to order this item is Friday 10/31 $129.99
    Samsung A500 SPHA500SHS 813 Business Only $199.99
    Samsung A600 SPHA600ZSS 374 No issues $349.99
    Samsung A620 SPHA620ZSS 3,194 No issues $259.99
    Samsung I330 SPHI330SHS 223 No issues $499.99
    Samsung I500 SPHI500SHS 0 Low inventory levels - ETA 2 Weeks $599.99
    Samsung N400 Blue SPHN400LHS

    Thank you for choosing Sprint.

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