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    I have had my Treo600 for about a week, and I am overall quite pleased with it. It took a little getting used to, having been away from the Palm OS world for several years, but I'm getting there!

    I have noticed two minor flaws in my unit, and I wonder if it is even worth complaining about these, let alone trying to trade units.

    1. The center button does not have the same satisfying "click" feel that all the other buttons have. It functions, and there is a sound generated by software, but no palpable, tactile "click".

    2. The screen is ever-so-slightly off center; it sits about .5mm to the left of center within the frame of the housing. Otherwise it looks fine, no cut off or dead pixels or anything.

    So, my friends, should I whine about this, or just live in peace and harmony with my treo?
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    There have been numerous discussions about the screen over to the left (not centered) -- this is a normal design spec. The button on my unit works, though it's not as distinct as the others -- not a problem.

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