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    Omar, i'm from Italy and i perfectly understand what you mean.

    I'm looking for the same solution!

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    I want 1xRTT speeds, but outside cities Sprint's coverage is marginal.
    I'd like to be able to use a BT GSM/GPRS phone as a backup.
    -Rusty J
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    I want wi-fi because I'd like to take advantage of free hotspots and save my data transfer for areas that DON'T have any wi-fi coverage.
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    The SanDisk WiFi card has been pushed back again presumably to fall in-line with the Palm 0S6 upgrade.

    Our Treo 600's coupled with OS5 are the worst platforms for WiFi unfortunatly due to a power issue on the Treo 600 SD card slot. OS6 is "supposed" to correct this.

    Additionally, OS6 is featuring a "roaming" feature in which you could move from a GPRS data connection to a WiFi connection and back again as you roam between hotspots... now that would be awesome!
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    Thanks, Brian. Any idea when OS6 will be out? Sounds like it might be worth waiting for. Or are upgrades easily performed?
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    BlueGirl, most welcome.

    No official release date from Palm1 just yet, however they are "testing" it on several devices right now, which I would think should put the update out around April'ish (just a guess there).

    Here is an article over at PalmInfoCenter talking about it:
    PalmInfoCenter Article on OS6
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