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    [list=1][*]Plan a vacation. Be sure it's somewhere with plenty of coverage and blue speckled landmarks.[*]If in the Chicagoland area, hunt down and capture Steve Bartman. The bounty you could collect will easily pay for your new 600. ([*]Use win-hand to log onto your home machine and check your shipping status. You never know.[*]Wipe the face goo off your treo 300[*]Read posts about how disappointed people are with their 600. This should make you want your own much less. <ahem>[*]Place fake bids on ebay for treo 300's to keep the market value up. [*]Ask Claire what she's wearing right now[*]Scribble I HAVE NO LIFE on a notepad. [*]Search Web-MD for information on hand reduction surgery [*]Make a treo 600 out of play-doh. Go to a meeting. When everyone has their phones out on the table someone will probably make fun of you. Take his fancy little phone and smash yours onto his so the doh gets in all the buttons and crevices. Laugh demonically. [*]Write a stupid list like this like I did. (didnít work, still awaiting shipment!)[/list=1]
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    So my unit shipped. On it's way from Orem Utah.

    My treo may have spent a cold night or two in this town so I decided to familarize myself with it.
    • Did you know that Orem, UT calls itself "Family City USA"?
    • Did you know that article 9-2-3 of the Orem, UT criminal code requires citizens to submit any X or R rated movie to the city for review 12 hours before public exhibition?
    • Orem, UT has a population of 85,000 people and one fewer treo 600 than it did yesterday.
    • Orem, UT's "baby contest" page from this year's summerfest uses a font that Jakob Nielson would likely frown upon.
    • Last month in Orem, UT, Officers arrested 49-year-old Margaret Rae Leavitt after she assaulted a friend at Leavitt's apartment with a hammer. The victim was taken to the hospital with a bleeding wound. Leavitt was found by officers hiding underneath a cardboard box in a neighbor's backyard. She was booked into the Utah County Jail on Class A Misdemeanor assault charges, and two warrants for her arrest. Alcohol was involved in the situation.
    • Did you know that a man in Orem, UT has 15 pairs of Nike Air Jordan shoes and that all of them were stolen from his apartment last week?
    • If your own Treo still hasn't left Orem, you may want to list it on their lost and found which currently lists an ice chest, a router, a printer, a lawn chair, and a 90" toe kick.
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    Heheh. Nice, shallow.
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    Thanks for the amusing factoids on Orem. Here I am sitting at Midas for my car to be aligned and your post make me laugh like a fool. Will ponder these last remaining minutes with my T3 since I just checked FedEx and it shows my new girlfriend, T6 is on vehicle for delivery. I am so looking forward to speeding down the highway and get home to molest my T6.
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    The company that I hired to design my company's logo is in Orem, UT for yet another bit of useless information (for those of us not in Orem ourselves that is.)

    Anyone else thinking "roadtrip"?
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    Memorize your order number

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