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    If like me you migrate from 300 to 600, and you appear to have only one ringone on your 600, don't panic! There is a file that the first HotSync migrates from Treo 300 that contains one ringtone. It's called MIDI Ring Tones. On your 600, go in the launcher and select delete from the App menu. Delete the file MIDI Ring Tones. The Treo regenerates the ringtone database in a few seconds or as soon as you go to look at the tones. All the new polyphonic tones are back.
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    Well done!

    I admire your bravery in deleting possible system files
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    Good work, saved me much hair-pulling. Sprint has no idea how to address this. Thank goodness for Google and treocentral too.
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    Okay, just because I'm not as brave: my "midi ringtones" shows up as about 920 K right now -- I've added quite a few. However, a lot of the ringtones I've got somewhere in there indeed don't show up (those that should have migrated over...some didn't).

    So just to confirm...I can simply delete the midi ringtones and it will recreate itself? Am I understanding correctly? I'm not going to lose anything, including the ones I've added since getting the T600?
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    You WILL lose any new ringtones you've added since the migration. This restores all the default ringtones, however. If you've kept the new ones on your PC, you can add them back in again.
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    I tried to tell sprint about this...oh brother...
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    I was wondering why I only had one tone, thanks for the info on how to get them back.
    My Treo has more memory than I do.

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