Open letter to my dear mr Jeff Hawkins
Because of your (and some other guys) superb brain my message can reach youin 4 seconds although Im fly fishing in the deep forests in Sweden far away from any civilisation. Here I have learned that you are offering me the new Treo 600 for
1 041$ while you think 399$ is the proper price in the wealthiest nation in the world US.
You a major contributor to our transparent world must know that I can hear any of your whisperings to Donna. So please tell me Sir when a screwed businessman like you got transformed into a confused lunatic. As yours to be company Palmone is selling
TUNGSTEN C 64MB WI-FI KEYBOARD for 664$ it is no question of taxes or transportation cost. It is just plain silly. You are looking like a not too bright thief outside a jewellery shop whos eyes are signalling smash, grab and run for it.

Respectfully yours
Bo Loftrup