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    Has anyone gotten out of the $36 fee to change their phone number for the T300 to a new T600 phone? I am still contemplating an upgrade and would love to know if this is alway a charge that has to be paid? That kinda stinks since I just signed up with Sprint only 2.5 months ago and paid $36 then to activiate my T300.
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    I have switched phones NUMEROUS times since starting with my Motorola V120 cell phone several years back. Since then I have changed to a Sanyo SCP-4900, 8100, and 5300, then to Treo 300, and have never been charged anything to change phones. If anything, they should give you money if you decide to switch phones and extend your contract!

    hope this helps,

    PS- Did you mean change numbers? I imagine if you get a new number with your 600, then they would charge you, but if you just transfer service, they don't charge!
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    tell them your other one broke, and you were forced to buy a new phone. They did not charge me once I told them this...and told them I would cancel the service if they charged me a fee to switch phones

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    If you sign a year extension, they throw in the activation for free. That's on top of whatever else you can get from them for signing the extension. I got a $100 service credit.
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    When I bought my Treo 300 I switched my account to it on the Sprint web site - I entered my password & ESN, the web site gave me back a code to enter into the phone, and it was working shortly thereafter, with no human intervention (significant cost) at Sprint. My old Kyocera QCP-6035 SmartPhone was deactivated automatically.

    I hope they haven't forgotten how to do this.

    It seems odd to have such a major regression in customer satifaction so soon before number portability arrives. Moreover, when the time comes to try to poach competitor's customers they'll get nowhere if they try to layer on "unnecessary" fees (fees that don't directly reflect some underlying cost).
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    I upgraded from the T300 to the T600. The rep had me punch in ## and some numbers and then all I had to do is enter my phone # twice and thats it. If someone knows this code then anyone can do it. I should of wrote it down.
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    The rep tried to charge me the $36. I just kept saying that it didn't say there was any charge on the handspring website or the owner's manual. After she told me about the charge three times and I repeated no one told me about when I bought my phone three times, she waived the fee and transferred service to my new phone. Seems to me it is just Sprint trying to get a little more profit from the phones sold by handspring instead of sprint.
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    To set the information, you can enter


    As far as I can imagine it's the same for all phones. Of course you still have to get your ESN registered @ Sprint.

    Took me a few iterations of working with them but I finally got mine.
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    Originally posted by qm0619
    To set the information, you can enter


    As far as I can imagine it's the same for all phones.
    On one of my older phones – the Kyocera QCP-6035 or Treo 300? – the magic code to enter the data manually was different for each phone – the code was in effect a hash or encoding of the ESN.

    To learn what your phone’s code was you had to go to the Sprint site, go through the steps to activate your phone and at the end lie and say it didn’t work. The web site would then tell you your phone’s code and how fix a bad activation code entry.

    My Treo 600 arrives Thursday so I’ll see then what it required to activate it.

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