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    Couldn't this be accomplished by ordering an unlocked Orange Treo 600 and then using it in U.S? (Obviously you would lose the pricing discount that would come with committing to Orange's plan.)

    Separately, are there any barriers or issues for consideration to taking a U.S. sold unlocked GSM Treo 600 over to Europe and signing up with a local carrier there (e.g., Orange)?
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    I bought a T270 in the States and shipped to Spain in Europe then signing for la local carrier (Telefónica Movistar)
    No problem, It should have to work with the T600.
    Joan López i Graupera
    Barcelon@ - Catalonia
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    That's what I thought.

    On the Orange Treo being black, I thought it was originally reported that it (like the US Sprint model) would be black. However, I just checked a number of these UK sites that are reporting that they have it in stock and all of their web images are of the grey model.

    Can someone clarify what color the Orange/European GSM T600 will be? Thanks.

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