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    I just got off the phone with my guy at Expansys about availability of the GSM Treo 600. He says that expects them in at the end of this week or the first of next week.

    I have bought a number of phones from these guys. They aren't the cheapest outfit in town, but they have had some phones way before other people (i.e. the Sony Ericsson P800, etc.) and the majority of the time when they say they are going to get something in 5 days (their standard notice time) they get it. You never know . . . . . . .

    $599 unlocked
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    It said 5 days, 2 days ago.
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    this is the same expansys thats notorious for listing things like the p800 for two years before it was released? no offense to your good experience- but i've cancelled a few orders there- note that they've still got the samsung sgh-i500 listed? the one thats now been delayed to next year?
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    There is a difference here. It only changed from Unknown to 5 days yesterday. Also I received an email from them asking me to acknowledge that I still wanted it so that they could charge my credit card. THey do not charge until they are ready to ship.
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    oops- looks like the gsm date just got pushed back 11.28- wow, dont think handspring is going to report any q4 profit after this fiasco...palm is probably going "whoops" right about now... - real time ingram data from handspring...

    too bad the samsung got delayed...

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