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    Anyone else in the process of comparing the P800 to the Treo 600? No thumbboard on the Sony but other that that my biggest problem is that I would have to use Verizon and their data plan is a pay-by-the-byte plan. This is something I much appreciate about Sprint - the unlimited data download.
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    The P800 is a GSM phone so you won't be able to use it on Verizon (CDMA).
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    I must have missunderstood my friend who has a P800. So which carrier supports the P800 in the states?
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    If you want data on the p800 in the US, T-Mo has an unlimited data plan for $20/mo.
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    I know this is the wrong group and category for this discussion - but do any P800 owners know if the Ericsson chatboard (a thumbboard for Ericsson phones) works on the P800?
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    Thanks for the clarification ... so back to my original question. Has anyone compared the P800 to the Treo 600? Any thoughts on pros and cons?
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    My friend had a p800 for 2 days...he couldn't sync without crashing his computer...I've converted him..he's waiting for his new T600!!

    The other Con - Symbian OS on P800...he couldn't live without his Palm OS, Palm Desktop and It's features.
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    i own a p800- (also a blackberry 7230, and a couple of other phones...)

    with regard to the chatboard- i believe that someone has done some drivers to make that work, or i believe it just works natively- really, you dont want to use that thing clipped onto the bottom of the p800- the text entry is pretty great as it is, and it seems the whole thing would be unbalanced...

    as far as a comparison goes- i gont have a gsm treo yet, but i've played around with one for about a half hour at the mission sf...

    the more i read about the phone app and some other things here, the more i wonder if i'll actually get rid of the p800 once i get the treo- and also keep in mind sony is supposed to officially launch the p900 oct 26, and it will prob be out next month in the uk.

    lack of bluetooth
    lack of voice dialing
    ridiculous antenna, circa three years ago...
    i repeat, screen...

    thumboard (thats it)

    the thing about my p800- is that it from what i can tell from posts here, that the actual PHONE part of it is much better- looking up contacts by holding a single key down, calls list, scrolling with jog wheel, voice dialing, actualy speaker quality- these things are all excellent...

    the whole palm os thing doesnt faze me, symbian actually MULTI-TASKS, and supports java better, and theres plenty of great little apps, in fact i'll spend less on software, because it ALREADY DOES EVERYTHING i want it to do, with the treo- im looking at
    software for-
    1. picture id
    2. voice dialing - if they come up with it which is doubtful
    3. voice recording
    4. and probably some other random apps

    on my p800 i basically have two things installed, one little app called handy day- like a single view agenda deal, and opera- the best mobile browser out, which costs, nothing...

    anyways, i have a gsm on order, so we'll have to see- maybe i'll post a comparison...

    oops- looks like the gsm date just got pushed back 11.28- wow, dont think handspring is going to report any q4 profit after this botched launch...ed colligan is going "whoops" right now...
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