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    I promise I tried searching and looking in the manual first.
    So here's my question: If I want to transfer all of my contacts, calendar and 3rd party apps from a palm os 5 device to my new palm os 5 treo, is there any danger in using the same username?
    I know it is not advisable to do so with the treo 300 since it uses palm 4, but I can't find anyone who has transferred from a os 5 to os 5. Anyone?
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    you still there??
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    You bet'cha. Sans Treo 600.
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    so sad.
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    I concur.
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    All of my devices have had the same user ID (so I don't have to go buy the same stuff again, etc)

    The way to do it safely.

    1) Take old device, sync with all conduits on.

    2) Find your backup folder:
    PC: c:\Program Files\Palm\Name\Backup
    Mac: Documents/Palm/Users/Name/Backups

    3) Rename it to something like Backup-TungstenT or whatever you'll remember

    4) adjust conduits to all "overwrite device"

    5) sync!

    You'll need to reinstall third party software, but this generally works and you can always restore an old device by restoring it's old backup folder and doing a hard rest of the device before a sync.
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    hey, thanks! didn't understand #4 though. change conduits to desktop overwrites handheld?
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    T750 w/Cingular
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