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    Anyone found other pocket tunes skins? The one listed on their website are all for a 320x320 device.

    Does anyone know of an easy program fro creating custom skins? The pocket-tunes website tells you how to do it, but manually entering all the information info an xml file and creating the graphics seperately can be tedious. Suggestions?
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    Im in the same boat. I await and see what pops up.

  3. purpleY
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    I was thinking about doing a skin, but doing the XML seems daunting. I am a graphic designer so I can do the image parts fairly easily. Anyone want to team up
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    The XML is pretty easy to edit. Just use a text editor. You'll figure it out. As for low res skins, I've messed around a bit and put two together so far. You can download them as well as the source XML/BMP files on my site.
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    Ok, so you make new Bitmaps, for the XML file, but how do you get it to a PDB file?
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    Hey Pablo.. thanks for making these!!! They are great!
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    to compile them into a PDB you have to use the tools available on the pocket toons site. goto the skins section and download the tools for your platform.
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    Hi Pablo,

    Saw your iTune one. Great job. I'm sure all of us Treo 600 owners appreciate your work. How about one for us Windows guys? Feel like making a Windows Media skin?

    Wish those Pocket Tune guys would make a converter to just convert the existing ones to 160x160. There's a Windows Media one on their site I like but no source.

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    I was thinking about making a windows media skin. If I have time this week I'll try and put one together. I've got other priorities this week however so it may not be right away.
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    Its not finished yet but later tonight I'll probably finish the buttons and change a few things but I should have it done tonight. (got bored with my normal work stuff and took a break to do some design)
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    Thanks Pablo. Great work. I'l check back tonight.

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    Welp... just finished the windowsXP skin. It turned out pretty good. Check it and the others out here
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    hate to be picky but could you also post unzipped in the PDB format so we can just download from the Treo.
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    you already do. sorry on my 600 right now and didn't see
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    Windows Media ...nice skin! so far best I've seen
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    Wow - these are very nice - Sooo much better than the supplied skin. I must try to make one soon to recreate my fav winamp skin at home...

    Thanks so much!
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    Here are some more. I'm looking for ideas for other skins. Feel free to suggest.

    Baseball skins
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    Mol, I'd like an iTunes 4 skin like the ones they have on their web site!
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    Originally posted by AirData
    Mol, I'd like an iTunes 4 skin like the ones they have on their web site!
    I second that!
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    posted these on another thread, but here are my first 2 creations...
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