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    Quote Originally Posted by moocowman
    Your quick reply only reinforces my conclusion this forum is good for nothing of much use. I ask for help and get no reply for 3 days. I post a snide remark and I get a reply in about an hour.
    You should demand your money back!
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    I did! And I got a full refund.
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    Quote Originally Posted by thanchart
    I have tried creatiing a skin where there is one button which when pressed will swap 2 photos super-imposed on an empty background. The 2 photos are actually buttons (with zero action) that will display/hide depending on the ON/OFF state of the 1st button. It works well but now I want to have 3 or more photos!

    How can I create a button that can toggle a persistent variable to 1, 2 or 3 (or more) and cycle back to 1 again, depending on how many times I pressed that button?n Then I can each "Photo button" to show or hide depending on this variable. Or is there a better way?
    So much for the comment by moocowman - surely u got to realised that ppl have their own life to lead?

    As for my attempt above, Mr, lwehrung did take time to help modify the xml file I sent him and he send me something literally the next day. As I was busy I did not hack at it when it didn't work (and he did say he had no time to test it). Now that I finally found time to sit down and work at it, I managed to it done, after some further modification. Would not have been possible w/o the pointers that lwehrung gave to me. Thanks so much, lwehrung

    Now I have a skin whereby by clicking a button, I can toggle/cycle 12 of my favorite photos - of my girlfriend and I. Some lady gonna be very happy when she sees it.
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    thanchart - that sounds like an incredible idea for a skin! Do you have that posted anywhere?
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    Quote Originally Posted by ninodelsol
    thanchart - that sounds like an incredible idea for a skin! Do you have that posted anywhere?
    I have not, so I am posting the pics of what I did here

    The 1st pic shows the series of photos that would change each time I click the button on the top left hand corner. The 2nd pic shows the on/off toggling of the playlist if I click the button on the top right hand corner

    Animated Representation of Photo Swaps
    Playlist Display toggled to ON

    (please do not save a copy of these pics)

    Next step: Modify it to autoswap at timed intervals, like the wallpaper picture on my PC
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    Looks great! Not just the concept to include the pics, but the rest of the skin as well (nice layout, buttons, etc.).
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    Hey, that picture toggling thing is a cool idea....

    Now, could someone design a skin that would download album art and display the album cover like yours does pictures? And also, is there a way for you to make your skin and maybe a picture selection option so we could have pics on our cards / RAM and just browse to have the picture show rather than compiling the skin with the pictures embedded?

    Thanks for all the great skins / advice folks!
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    Hej Guys,

    I just picked up an iPod for the first time and was blown away by the feature, especially the ability to browse music by artist, album, genres, etc. Whilst the skins here look nice, is there a way to give PT the iPod functionality?
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    Yes. Just hit "o" for open. Go to the upper right. It is probably defaulted to your card. Try another one - "all" I beleive, but could be mistaken. I'd check but I jst had a hard reset and am refixing. You can serch by artist, albulm, genre, etc.
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    Would LOVE to see a Pocket Tunes skin that would emulate the iPhone cover flow for album art so we can *flick* through album covers. Anyone know if this is coming or can be done?
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    With the new sleek designs showing album art, I'm sure it's possible - OR - is there a way to show album art in the song/album/artist listings menu?
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    I know this is really old but I am pretty desperate about now. I am trying to make a skin. I can not get the skin compiler to work. I ALWAYS get the same error no matter what and GET THIS I also get this error when I try to compile the INCLUDED sample skins. SO far over a week and NO responce from normsoft. I am at wits end with this. It took me HOURS of pouring over the stinking code to figure out how to make one (the help file was marginally helpful :-) I figured it HAD to be me but it does it With THERE skins too

    I am hoping someone who makes skins will see this and be able to help

    Here is what I type and the error responce I get

    D:\skin>ptsc -v2 PictureSkin.xml PictureSkin.pdb
    Could not read PictureSkin.xml: Invalid visible condition for control

    I copied that command RIGHT from the readme. I tried everything. MY skin and ANY of the included sample skins ALWAYS give me the same result.

    NOW on my skin if I REMOVE the first control (background) IT WORKS and compiles but the skin will not work on the palm. my background control is identical character to character to the sample code. no deviation.

    I am stuck. I am out of ideas out of solutions. NO idea how to proceed.

    ANY help would be greatly appreciated.

    Chris Taylor
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    Try posting in their official support group
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    Can someone make an Indianapolis Colts skin? I've searched high and low for one and you'd think there would be one with them winning the superbowl and Peyton Manning on half the commercials on tv and on SNL... I'd really appreciate it if someone could do this for me. I'd be their best friend forever. Well, maybe just friends... or close aquaintences... ok, well I'd just appreciate it very very much.
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    If anyone sees a World of Warcraft skin, ping me please!
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    In some other forum some guy developed an IPhone Pocket Tunes Skin.

    I have it. I don't know if it works.

    I tried attaching the file but its 640kb

    Here is the READ ME:

    ENGLISH -------------------------------------------------

    My first (and only) skin for Pocket Tunes.

    Specially designed for PalmOS with 320 x 480 display.
    Requires MaxT+ (or similar app) to use entire screen.

    Activate "Show song duration in playlist" on "Skin Preferences".

    The creation of this skin started after the publication of
    the iPhone on the Mac webpage.

    Some graphics are not accurate because I took the video promo
    on that webpage as reference, and streaming video was mid-res
    ("Cingular" was the company announced by that time").

    All graphics were created using Photoshop and compiled using
    PTSC 4.0 based on "High Fidelity" skin code.

    I tried to include as many special characters in the fonts.
    Because of the raster, some will appear lower/higher than others.

    Most of the filesize are included fonts not used due to certain
    XML programming, or limitants of the compiler/skin (lack of help too).
    The white menus "Playlist", "Songs", "Videos", etc. where about
    to be included.

    Unfortunately, every single proyect file was deleted accidentally,
    that's why I couldn't correct and share this file months ago.
    However, a few days ago I found only the .pdb file on the history
    files (backups) of Palm's folder.

    Then, any bug will not have support and will not be repaired due to
    the lack the original creation files.

    Greetings from México and to all the people from this country around
    the world.
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    i am looking for a Pink Pocket Tunes Skin for the centro,
    any one know of one around..

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    Quote Originally Posted by tymerock View Post
    i am looking for a Pink Pocket Tunes Skin for the centro,
    any one know of one around..

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    thank you..... ssieweel.
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