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    My Blackberry phone lets me dial numbers that are words (like 1-800-FLOWERS) by typing the alpha keys instead of making me figure out the equivalent numbers. This would be very handy on the Treo 600, especially since the ABC DEF .... designations aren't printed on the numeric keys. I'm hoping this option is available, and I just missed it. Right?
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    I'm pretty sure the alpha keys are listed on the virtual keypad on the phone screen however.
    Sean Dotson, PE
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    True, Sean. Still, it would be much easier to just type the letters. The Option button has no function when dialing the phone (since it's forced into numeric mode), so the logical thing would be that if it is depressed then the 26 alpha keys take on their equivalent numeric meanings.
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    That would be nice...I was just offering a workaround (It crossed my mind too)
    Sean Dotson, PE

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