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    Whoo-hoo! I just got a Treo600!

    I have a few questions and would greatly appreciate some advice from all you experienced folks out there.

    I'm running MacOSX:
    Is it true that the Entourage client doesn't work?
    How do I transfer individual picture files to my desktop?

    My work uses an exchange server to handle mail, etc.? When I try to log on from the web, I get an error saying I can't be authenticated:
    Any way I can access this mail account from the Treo?
    Will the upcoming Business Connection help? (and when IS it coming)?

    I used to use a TungstenT:
    On the grafitti pad there was a little clock icon that I could tap to pop up the time WHENEVER I wanted. Any type of 3rd party software out there that would do the same?

    I appreciate all your patience as I learn more about this new device.


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    According to the manual in the box, you have 'share' pictures to your email account to get them on your mac. There is not currently a mac conduit to share pictures. I'm not sure how hard it would be to write one. I'd also like to have an isync conduit to take care of syncing my memo pad entries like it does with the ipod.
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    I think the easiest way to get images to your desktop is to save them to your SD card and then either mount the card or do like I do and have SplashPhoto handle the syncing to your desktop.

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