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    I have it completely working, except that it doesn't seem to be pushing new mail to the phone. I have to manually sync. I do have the "push new mail to my phone" option checked, and I did a sync to make sure it actually gets mail that way.

    Any suggestions?
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    I downloaded it..

    It seems to work fine but it did not put a sync conduit into my Hotsync so it is not syncing when I do a sync... did they remove this feature?

    Everything over the air works fine though.

    What did I do wrong.. anyone else having this problem?


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    My treo 600 didn't sync the first time. So I rebooted my PC and the sync worked.
    Also, the view file software does open word documents. It does not open xl spreadsheets in a readable format
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    I tried that.

    It is not putting the Business Connection Sync in the Hotsync conduit even....

    Rebooting didnt work.

    Anyone else with this issue.

    I will try to uninstall and reinstall the client AGAIN

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    I am new to sprint so am not familiar with the BC software. I have the professional vision package so I have access to it. I do not need to connect to any corporate servers and am currently using snappermail; however, I cannot send messages to AOL, etc with snappermail. What would the BC provide me with above and beyond snappermail. I would really appreciate some help on this one.
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    ok, I have it all installed, but when I sync it usually says "could not connect with desktop, check the client and try again". Though I can see it talking to the client and the client says "sending data". Do I need to setup any accounts on the palm if I already have an account setup on the desktop client?

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    Originally posted by jsmedley
    I have it completely working, except that it doesn't seem to be pushing new mail to the phone. I have to manually sync. I do have the "push new mail to my phone" option checked, and I did a sync to make sure it actually gets mail that way.

    Any suggestions?
    I am having that same issue.... it did push through for a little while now it does not.. I assume this has something to do with Sprint still working on the servers and getting things in order most likely.

    The only other issue I have is the conduit to sync when I do a hotsync no longer there. I do not know if they just removed it so it will sync just over the air, or something is wrong here.

    If someone can right click on the little hotsync icon, and go to CUSTOM and see if Business Conection is lised there and let me know that would be great.. I do not see it here. Maybe it is possible that it is just not available yet for the 600? Thanks for the help

    Now, they let you look at your other emails and sync and communicate with them also via the treo. That is a good feature.

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    Just downloaded it - no problems.

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    Originally posted by Guitar Dad
    Sounds like it works well, but not in my case. I use a laptop in a less-than-secure cubicle-like office. I always take my laptop with me, and if I left one running on my desk, it would be stolen for sure. Oh well...
    If you don't already have one, I think it would be a good investment to get a security cable lock (there are various models that work with or without laptop docking station). I have a laptop with docking station and security cable lock system attached to my desk and it works fine when I leave it at the office.
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    I downloaded 6.0 fine... I can view documents on my laptop but when I hit inbox it says "This service has been diasabled. Please contact your enterprise administrator"... Any thoughts as to why? My IT department is absolutely no help!! Thanks
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    Did you install the enterprise edition by mistake?
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    No - I am sure it was the personal edition. I checked again to make sure....Is there a setting on my laptop that prevents it from working properly? I have Lotus Notes R5? Any help is appreciated...
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    richarda: just to make sure I understand, you're on Notes 5.0 and you can view your documents on the PC browser, but you get that error message when you try to view the Inbox?

    Also, have you tried any of this on your Treo 600 -- how does it work there?

    Finally, did all of this work fine for you on the prior version of Biz Conn (or are you a new user as of today?)

    I was able to get things going o.k. on Notes 5 previously and now Notes 6, so with answers above maybe I can help....
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    I am a new user to biz conn....

    I tried both on my computer from home and through the treo and get the same response.... The documents are there but the inbox says contact enterprise administrator?

    I am going to remove and re-install the laptop and the treo today. Thanks for the help
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    OK - Now I have installed 6.0 on the Treo and when installing on the desktop it says my Domino password is not Valid.... I select Lotus Domino Server and it promts for my password. I enter my password and it says it is not a valid password???? I can select the documents OK and view them no problem but the inox is still not there???? Help!!!!
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    richarda, have you been able to install the BizConn software onto your Treo 600, and what happens then?
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    It loads up with the icons for mail and documents.... I hit the documents button and view all of the files on my desktop. When I select the synch button it says it cannot connect to the corporate server.....

    I got it to accept my password for lotus notes but when I am on the web getting into personal edition it says..

    "This service has been disabled. Please contact your enterprise administrator."

    Sprint says it is on my lotus notes side and to contact IT. IT will not help at all..... Is there a setting on Lotus Notes that I can select so it will work?

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    Hmm.. It looks fine now that I paste it here.
    In my notes R5 client, the Sprint PCS ad looks like crap. It's all jumbled in the message and not at the bottom like a normal signature. Anyone else seen this with a notes desktop client?

    This email was wirelessly enabled by Sprint PCS. Learn about this
    service at
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    I took a brief lok at Sprint's BC personal edition on their site and at the botton it says:

    "Customers who register for Sprint PCS Business Connection Personal Edition will receive the first 3 months free and pay just $5 per month after this 3-month period. [Normal airtime usage charges will apply] "

    So BC uses airtime minutes and is not data? I was not aware of that? I would have thought it was data and should be free if you have unlimited vision.
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    Well, I did the upgrade this morning and frankly I can't tell much difference except the "level up" icon has moved to the other side.

    Still doesn't synch in the background, it synchs like it always did.

    When I try to view an attachment it says that that feature was disabled.

    All in all, its either not working yet as advertised or I don't have something set right.
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