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    I have had a look round the forums here today and got some really useful info. I have a few questions that I thought you guys may be able to answer for me so I can decide if the Treo is good for me....

    Currently I use a Ericsson T68i on the Orange network. I mainly use my laptop and the phone (bluetooth) to connect to the internet to collect email in emergencies. I do not always carry my laptop, so obivously this is a far from ideal set up. I need something that does it all, and thats what bought my attention to the Treo 600.


    1) I need a fully featured mobile phone.

    2) I need an SSH client.

    3) I need an email client. Preferably one that allows me to just collect headers of the emails and leave the rest on the server. This is mainly for cost reasons (GPRS not cheap here in the UK yet).

    4) I need to be able to browse the web without problems. I dont do this often, but need the facility to be there when required.

    5) I need something fairly easy to use.

    6) Whats the best deal people have found for the Treo in the UK? I am already an Orange customer (am able to change contract), and would like to keep my number. Any good deals on GPRS?

    So...any thoughts/comments?

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    The Treo 600 sounds ideal for your needs assuming you can find an SSH client for Palm that works with it.

    Try Top Gun:

    Still not got my Treo so can't tell you if it willl work.

    There are a few 3rd party browsers if you don't like Blazer, and a bunch of 3rd party email programs.

    Apparently Eudora and Snappermail works.

    Best price for just an upgrade I've seen was 199, but I can't remember where as I don't already have an Orange contract so didn't bother noting it down!
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    Depending on where you are holding in your contract and what level of service your currently on, you can get it for 99 or less from Orange.
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    Thanks for the info.

    I am on Talk 200 at the moment. My girlfriend has an Orange phone and we run our own business, so maybe a call to them to see if we can get on some kind of business deal may be a good idea? What would the upgrade charge be on the Talk 200?

    Also, what is the size comparison to the T68i?


    (by the way Swifty are you a Saddler?........nevermind)
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    heres a t68i comparison
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    excellent. thanks for pciture. its not too mcuh bigger than the T68i then.

    are you guys all using GPRS? Is there a way of getting a good deal on this at all?
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    It depends when and if your contract has been going 12 months since you started with Orange/or since you last upgraded. It also depends on how much you spend with them a month.

    I've not yet got mine. It's coming on Fri. But I've seen one already, and I've had a T68i. Let me put it this's going to be bigger and heavier than you first imagine, BUT it's worth it. You need to remember you have a Palm and Phone in one.

    With Orange you anyway get a 14 day money back guarantee if you don't like it.

    I always suspected that Orange "grade" customers by their tariff size, how much they spend each month, and how long you've been with them. The higher your score, the more likely you are to get a good deal, and it also changes their level of service when you have any complaints etc. One of their Customer Service Reps let this slip the other day when I was trying to save some money I suggest you give them a call and get a price from them. The guy told me that they can go as low as 99 for the phone when upgrading if the person is out of contract (also depends on tariff etc). Give them a call and go thru to Customer Services if you don't like the first price your quoted. Sweet talk them a little and see where you get....
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    Well i personally think I have been good as gold as an Orange customer, although my monthly spend isnt great (40 per month on my phone, 25 on the girlfriends).

    I'll give them a call tomorrow and see what they can do for me. Maybe we could play the "well, if you cant do a good deal, i'll move us both to..." card?

    Ideally I want to get me the Treo, my girlfriend a new phone, and a better all round deal with GPRS package.

    I'll let you know how it goes, and if anyone else has any tips, let me know.
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    Yes you could try that trick, but remember...they're the only ones with the Treo

    Let us know how it goes.
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    Well, Orange initially said 199 for the upgrade. After a bit of silence from me, they went away and came back with 179.

    I am actually on Talk 120, and spend about 35 a month with them. Do you think this is a good deal?

    As I mentioned in another post. The thing I found strange was 1) No one at Orange knew what I was talking about when I asked about the Treo!...and...2) The "upgrades guy" suggested the Ericsson P900 would be better and available from next week?!?

    Any thoughts?
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    Has your contract finished? I.e. have you been with them 12 months since you began/last upgraded?

    I got charged 149.99 for the phone and an extra 50 because I only upgraded 4 months back so i was breaking into the contract. I do spend 80+ each month with them (sometimes double) so hence the price (still not excellent).

    I don't think your going to get much better. BUT try the threat of moving away from Orange and see what happens. If you think about it you anyway are going to be paying Orange each month like normal, and your getting a top Palm powered PDA for 180...

    I'm not surprised they didn't know what they're talking about. Same with all these sort of companies. They can only read off their screens, and since it's so new I imagine they don't have a lot of info on it.
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    I did try the moving away threat, but he seemed lost. I think its because i mentioned that I may move for the XDA (confused the hell out of him).

    Anyways, I was thinking of popping into Birmingham to the retail shop. Do you think I will get any more or less joy there?? At least I will get to see it that way?

    By the way, I think I have had the contract for around 16 months or so. So yes, well over the year with no upgrades.
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    Top Gun SSH caused my phone to reset. Try "TuSSH" instead - google the name.
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    Yes you may as well pop into the retail shop, BUT as from past experience I've always got the best deals with Orange direct rather than the Orange shop. but try it.

    My Treo came today (a day early :-)
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    selicade - is TuSSH ok? Which version and where did you get it from?

    swifty - Well, I am going shopping with the girlfriend tomorrow, so may as well pop into the shop and see what they can do. How is it?

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