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    I am on the unlimited vison plan ($10 make you holla plan) and tried taking pictures to share. It says that this service is not available yet and will be soon. Is it because i don thave the Picture Mail service ($15) to share my pictures with?

    Will we have to upgrade our vision plans to share pictures? What are some other drastic differences in plans?
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    I've got the $10 plan and it lets me share photos from my Treo.

    Of course, it seems to fail 9 times out of 10... but it does work.

    (Anyone know why it cuts out?)
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    I have the $10 plan and I can share pictures just fine, when you first ran it, it tells you to set a password then it works fine. I've shared 5-6 pictures without a problem.
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    I have the $10 plan and can not send pictures using picture mail.

    The reason for my problem is my 3 month trial of picture mail has expired. If you are just using it for the first time, it will work fine, then in a couple of months you will start getting SMS messages from sprint reminding you to sign up for the $5 a month to keep the service. I had the same issue on my wifes 8100.
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    it works now. but sometimes it says that its not available yet.
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    Pay more for this? Hope someone writes a program to take a pic, and auto-attach the jpg in an email client. One button snap and send would be awesome, as long as it's not extra.
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    it doesnt take much to capture and share anyways. and it works with the $10 unlimited vision plan here.

    however, can't find away to log into my sprintpcs shared photos online. I guess thats where the Picture Mail services are required.

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