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    ok - I understand that the headphone socket will provide an output which I can plug into my aux kit for my car (MINI Cooper S!!!) to play MP3's direct through my cars head unit

    In a (handsprings) car kit I am assuming that it would use the same output i.e. head phone socket to feed an integral speaker and a external microphone

    My question is will the 600 be able to play the MP3 then when a call comes in it will switch to output voice?

    What would be even cooler is if I could have the voice output direct through my car speakers and use an external microphone - so all I would really need would be a cradle for the Treo to hold it and provide power. In this scenario my question is can you buy cables that break out voice out put and input (mic)

    On a related note the handspring rep I talked to said that the car kit would indeed work with sprint - they being sprint were concerned about vehicle interface so would not condone the use -I am not sure why GSM Vs CDMA would be in much different in terms of interference (800 vs850vs1900Hz) but I am sure some EMC engineer could chime in..
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    what I need...

    Treo600 2.5mm to 3.5mm stereo out lead with a seperate microphone

    That way I think I can play phone through car speaker via the car head unit aux kit input and also when not in phone mode will play MP3

    Any ideas - I do not have a radio shack close to me so was hoping somebody could point me to a suitable online site?


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