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    Does anyone use the Treo 600 with Microsoft Money? I know money is not available for Palm OS but does anyone use one of the programs that is compatible with Money, and how does it work?
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    I used this with my Treo 300:

    Worked great. Haven't tried it with the 600 yet.
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    Yes I use it on my treo 300 and now 600. The program that links is ultrasoft money at Says that that the update will work with palm os 5. It should be fine. My new 600 is charging so I will know soon.
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    I use it - works great! Syncs with Money. Works with Treo 600
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    there is also pocket Money that syncs with both money and quicken. You can pick it up at your local staples. But if you use quicken, I highly recomend pocket quicken insted.

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