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    I'm trying to understand how one can access a POP3 email account from the Treo 600. Do I need to buy a 3rd party email client like MessageXpress? I'm seeing the Web-based Sprint email product - but that's pretty useless and slow.

    What's the party-line?

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    We've heard that Sprint Biz Conn will be available around Oct 20th (5 days from now), and this is supposed to include support for POP email. It costs $5/month, and I think it also comes bundled with some plans. [Biz Conn is a different product from Sprint PCS Mail, which I think you're referring to....]

    BTW, if you use Biz Conn Personal Edition to access your corporate email, then (like most work solutions for an individual), you need to have your desktop computer connected to your corporate network. But if you're only accessing your POP mail, then you do *not* need to keep a computer connected. Apparently Biz Conn just connects directly to your POP account. At least that's the way it works right now on the Web UI (PC) -- we'll see how it works on the Treo client....
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    Snappermail. No ongoing fees, just good POP3 email access. It has been talked about at length in this forum. Do a search.
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    Snapper mail is my vote too. I used Eudora (free) on my Treo300, but SnapperMail is much better and well worth the $40 for the standard edition.

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