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    Mine also kept on crashing when I did a Global Find. It went away when I upgraded Splash ID. Here's more info on a bug they fixed in their March 15, 2004 release 3.05 (Win).

    SplashID 3.05 (Win) - March 15, 2004

    Fixed Global Find crash on handheld
    Notes from VID 2.59 files are now properly imported
    Other minor bug fixes

    I hope this helps some of you who are still trying to figure out why your Treo crashes.
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    Quote Originally Posted by newtreouser
    There was a tip posted recently to find what crashed your 600:

    Go to phone app and diall ##377
    Brilliant! It worked! Thanks!
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    ##377 for CDMA Treo's, #*377 for GSM Treo's....
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