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    Anyone know if there is a way to open or download PDF files from within the included browser? If not is there any other browser that supports this?
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    I tried using Adobe Acrobat for Palm 3.05, and it seems to crash the Treo 600 hard every time. I was attempting to use it from Snappermail, which works well with Handzipper, and other extensions. However, Adobe Acrobat for Palm does not appear to be Treo 600 compatible yet.

    Please let us know if you find a good solution. PDF is crucial in my line of work.

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    Version 2.0 works with the Treo600. I beamed it over from my old Treo, as well as a few documents. They open fine (and the faster processor makes using PDFs more feasible...)
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    SM does not support any palm PDF apps (yet). The Adobe app can only convert PDFs from your desktop; no native support. I've tried to open mail with pdf attachments using Adobe in SM and it starts to open, then crashes hard.

    3 Options (from SM FQs):

    Option 1
    If the Adobe PDF file is on the Internet, you can mail the URL (Web address) of the PDF file in the body of an e-mail message to (for plain text) or to (for HTML). The convertor will mail back the translation of the PDF file. You can submit multiple URLs in a single e-mail. Tip: Some URLs are very long and cumbersome to type. Cutting and pasting the URL into the mail message will save you some keystrokes.

    Option 2
    If the Adobe PDF file is on local media, such as a hard drive, CD-ROM, or internal server, it can be submitted as a MIME attachment to an e-mail message. All converted Adobe PDF documents will be sent back to the sender as MIME attachments. For plain text, mail the attached PDF to For HTML, mail the attached PDF to

    Option 3
    A service hosted by Trace Research Center also allows you to convert Adobe PDF documents.

    You can either mail the URL of the Adobe PDF or attach the Adobe PDF document itself to your e-mail message and send it to (for plain text) or to (for HTML). The convertor will mail back the translation of the PDF file.

    DTG 6 includes some kind of PDF support thought I'm not clear if it's any better than Adobe
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    Documents to go handles pdfs fine.
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    Originally posted by MikeRadio
    Documents to go handles pdfs fine.
    Native PDFs? Not ones converted on Desktop?
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    I need to open or download PDF's from a browser. elysian9's solution would work but unfortunatey, I am opening credit reports and it probably is not a good idea for me to email it for conversion. I have both Adobe 3.04 as well as documents to go 6.
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    i have had issues here too. Ive the Pre plus. MS doc will load fine but for some reason the language coming from Adobe isnt keying up to the phone.

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