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    I know there was a previous thread on this, but noone discussed actually using it or trying it.

    I'm an avid Audible (audio books) user. I'd love to be able to listen to the books on my Treo (and get rid of that otis device).

    I tried to install the Audible Player software as it said it works on Palm OS 5 Tungsten devices.

    It does not work on the Treo 600, it kept causing resets until I removed it.

    Has it worked for anyone? Does anyone have any idea if Audible is working on an upgrade?
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    I have had the same problem. I called Audible and they said there were no plans to support the 600 that he knew of.


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    I just did the instant chat suppport on audible's site.

    Renzo the guy there, said they are working on supporting it and plan on a release early next year.

    So maybe there is still hope around Jan or Feb to be listening to audible on the treo.

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    I also spoke with a CR online. She said Treo 600 doesn't support audible and she doesn't think they are working on supporting it. When I said the handspring site has a link to the audible site and is offerring a month of audible for free she reiterated the above and hung up.

    Here is the handspring link.

    I wish I had a way to contact Handspring and ask them, but they tell you to call Sprint for support.

    If anyone has a Handspring CR number, let me know and I'll call them and ask what the deal is.
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    I found the same thing.

    I am planning on copy them to low-bitrate mono MP3s until audible gets it working.

    Can't do without their stuff ya know

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