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    anyone using it?
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    Didn't work for me on T600 (worked great on T300).

    Their website said something about how vpn is built-in to OS5, but not surfaced or something and that they're working on it, but don't get your hopes up cause it will be some time and there'd be a rom update involved.

    On the other hand, my brain uses an aggressive lossy compression algorithm, so I don't remember exactly what their site said

    But it was something like that

    I very very much hope they get this working. I'd love to hit websites inside our corporate with the new proxyless blazer, and to control PCs with VNC or some equivalnt.
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    i emailed them and they sent me the beta version for palm os5 in like 30 minutes - you might want to try that!
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    Does it work?
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    yes. perfectly for me!
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    Been working for me since last week...
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    Does the beta version support IPSEC VPNs?

    Adam Mazza
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    no - and they have no plans to either (i asked). need to move over to movianVPN for that i think.

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