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    have the new 600 hundred and i have a concern on the battery life. i am noticing the battery drain to be pretty fast on it. not the 240 hours of standby time they advertise, more like a day and a half. With that being said it is a new toy and i am playing with it a fair amount so i intend on using it for a couple weeks before i raise any red flags about it, but i am curious if anybody else is noticing the same thing?

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    the exact same thing. I charged mine full took it off the charger at noon on saturday. The next morning leaving at 9:30 to play golf and it is totally dead and I did not use it once between noon sat and 9:30 sun. Before someone says you may have a week signal that runs the battery down it always has 3 to 4 lines at my home. Thanks for any other suggestions you can give us.
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    Leaving the wireless service on definitely drains the battery.

    Not sure if you're former Treo 300 users, in my experience you need to charge the unit every day if you leave wireless on.

    It's not that bad. If this is the worst thing about this amazing device we all have it amazingly well!
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    Just nit picking it to death arn't we? Yes I did own a 300 and it would hold a charge 24 hours but would go down rappidly when you used it. But I had a deffective speaker on the first 600 I got and the battery didnt go down like the replacement thats really what I am comparing it to. Okay you made me think of something I haven't sent the other one back yet and I just went to see if it still had a charge and it is still full!Hmmmmmm it has been sitting on my desk since I got my replacement and that was Thursday. Now wireless was off but I don't think it went down that fast when I was using it. I turned the wireless on and I will see how fast it goes down and let you know!
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    does anyone know the reasons behind HS's deciscion to make the battery non-removable?

    i know they offer a battery-attachment, but it looks clumsy. why on earth couldn't they give us the option of buying an extra battery--or two, or three? especially for a device with so many uses; bw the phone, PIM, and mp3 player, i could concievably be using my t600 ALL THE TIME--if not for battery concerns.
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    I've had my Treo 600 for a week and am not noticing what you're seeing. I leave the wireless on constantly, even in very low signal areas (like the main floor of my home). I accidentally left the device at home on Monday. It was fully charged Sunday night, and when I came home Monday night it still had a 92% charge, with wireless on. Maybe you have a defective unit.
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    In an interview I read with Hawkin (sorry i cant find the link) He said the decision to have a single battery was based on a number of factors including: the battery is significantly larger than the 300, Adding a removable battery bay would add size to the device (something they were VERY sensitive about), and that the battery bay would make the device feel less solid (more creakey like the old T300). This is how I remember it i may be wrong...

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    I played with the GSM Orange unit for 3 hours a while back.
    Probably had Blazer downloading web pages for half an hour, wireless mode on all the time, screen on half the time.

    The battery showed it was at least 3/4 full, and I'm not even certain it was fully charged to start with!
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    WEll that is good for everyone that the battery is working well. Too bad for me though. looks like i will have to exchange mine for one with a better battery.

    thanks for the input

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