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    I thought it was the same ports and all former chargers are compatible with 300 and 600?

    I have been using the T 300 car charger with the new t 600 with no problems.

    I didn't see the warning in the box, can anyone else confirm this that the T 300 car charger is not compatible?
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    I remember reading a while back (couple of months ago or more) that Handspring said the Treo 600 was going to be compatible with the Treo 300 accessories. I guess they meant except for:

    - head sets
    - car chargers
    - cases (okay, that one is fair)
    - styli
    - ...

    Oh, well....
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    Originally posted by scotty321
    The Treo 600 does not come with a car charger. Furthermore, it comes with a warning card saying that the 300 car charger is **NOT** compatible with the Treo 600.
    DOH!! That sucks...
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