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    Originally posted by tgaul
    Unless the company plans to make another model where this problem doesn't happen...
    I believe that is their intention... they said they are testing now, so we'll see what happens
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    Any update on this? BTW, what is AeroPlayer mentioned earlier in the thread? Thanks!
    "I refuse to answer that question on the grounds that I don't know the answer."
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    That is correct. The antenna on the 600 is in the way of the SD PocketRadio card made by iBIZ. I bought one today as CompUSA has them on sale for only $20 after rebate this week. Went to put it in the slot and realized the incompatibility. No loss for me though as I have a relative with a PocketPC with an SD slot that would absolutely love such an add-on. If they just got rid of the headphone jack in the card, they could reduce the width and maybe make it a little thicker. If iBIZ wants to keep developing such accessories, they need to realize that more and more devices are going to be combos with parts that may get in the way.
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