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    I'm expecting my 600 today and was wondering what the best deals are that people have been able to negotiate with Sprint after buying the phone through the HS upgrade program.

    -$100 rebate for a 1 year committment? (I'm not really interested in locking in for 1 year)
    -Discounted plan?

    As a new Sprint subscriber, I'm wondering if I can gt the $100 service credit plus negotiate a lower plan. Would I be better off registering on a month-to-month and then threatening to cancel to negotiate a better deal? Thanks.

    If this has been discussed in another forum, please point me in the right direction.
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    I've been a Sprint customer for 6 years and I was wondering the same thing. I would re-up for another year if they gave me a service credit for $150. You'd think that they'd want to do whatever they could to keep us with the new law going into effect will will allow us to transfer our numbers to another carrier.

    I'll keep you posted...
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    Goto and check an upgrade that is supposed to start 10/15. There was no details about cost.
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    I'm also interested in hearing what upgraders have actually (not theoretically) gotten from sprint on activation. I'm about a 2 year tmobile customer w/ the 180, and I've ordered a 600 upgrade from handspring that I'll need to activate w/ sprint, but I'm a bit concerned about the activation discounts.

    Someone posted elsewhere that the activation credits ($100 1 year - $150 2 year) are only available on a 600 purchase from sprint. True? Any other hidden costs or negotiated credits for new sprint activations?

    I'm sure I'd be loath to return it, but I will if I can't get my final cost under $300 or so...!
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