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    I discovered an interesting problem this morning. I set my Treo 600 alarm to wake me up in the morning. During the night an SMS came in (the SMS notification was set to silent), so the alert notification window popped up on the screen. Until the alert notification was cleared, which wasn't going to happen because I was asleep, the alarm function didn't work. It seems the alert notification screen freezes all other Treo functions until it is cleared.

    Has anyone else had this problem? Any suggestions for a solution?
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    this is how it has always been back to the 180.

    someone came up with a tool, not having used it i dont recoleect its name, to clear this, but I don't think it currently works for the 600.

    search the utilities forum for info.
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    does this also. I turn off wireless mode at night before going to bed so the calendar alarm is the only thing that wakes me in the morning. Have not heard of a work around for this non-problem.

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