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    I tried using my old cigarette power supply originally used for my Treo 300 with the 600. It looks like the battery is charging, but whenever I make a call I hear annoying beeps. I thought they were supposed to be compatable. Any suggestions?
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    Interesting.....mine works just fine...both the house and car chargers as well as the ear buds......all originally from my Treo300

    Reset your 600 and try again..

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    Thanks for the advice. I did reset but I still get the annoying beep when the car charger is plugged in.
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    the early release version of the supplied car chargers were found to be defective. Sprint, surprisingly, mailed out replacements at no charge shortly after this was discovered. I've got 2, the original and the replacement. Both seem to work fine.
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    My t600 came packaged with a little note labeled

    "Warning about vehicle power adapters

    Treo 600 is not compliant with most Treo 300 vehicle power adapters. Therefore, we strongly recommend that you NOT use a Treo 300 vehicle power adapter with your Treo 600.

    Only the connector (1) and vehicle power adapters (2) pictured have been tested and approved for use with Treo 600."

    It then illustrates the approved connectors--one from the phone end and two from the car-lighter end.

    On the flip side of the card it warns about non-compliant SD cards.

    Once I'm connected, I'll try to photo the card and post here.

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    Here is the postcard warning bundled in my treo600 packaging.

    btw...this was taken with the camera and emailed to my email account on my PC. Worked like a charm, though the picture quality leaves room for improvement. I'm so geeked to have this thing!

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    That answers my question. I guess I should have read the directions a bit more carefully.
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    My car charger is a replacement Sprint gave me with this large end near the Treo which was great because it was solid and wouldnt break.

    It WAS working fine on my 600, NOW for some reason it charges if the plug is half way in on the right side buty wen It is put all the way in, it stops charging... my regular sync charger is fine.

    I ordered the one from handspring.. however the 600 charger is the same as the 300 charger so how can they say one won't work eith the other.

    The problem I have is that the stub on that handsping charger is not long enough and I keep losing power connection with the bottom srew in my power adapter.

    Anyone have any suggestions.


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