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    Will PDANet work with the Treo 600?

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    Originally posted by gkaatz
    Will PDANet work with the Treo 600?

    Maybe people have seen this here, or in other places, but this site has a version of PDANet for the 600:
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    Loaded it last night.. Works fine for me. It's much improved since the old version (palmnet) I was running on my Treo 300.
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    Is there a way to test the connection speed? Connecting with Sprint seems incredibly sloooow. Much slower than purported 56K modem.

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    On average I get around 100-120Kb downlink in the Orlando area. Upload seems to be around 20-30Kb on average.

    Here's a link I found to a page with a bunch of bandwidth testers:

    The only accurate reading for bandwidth in my opinion is to kick off multiple file downloads from different parts of the country. Then, load a program like netstat live ( to find out what the actual bandwidth is coming into the laptop.

    This should give you an idea of what your "real" bandwidth is.

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