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    The Treo 600 desperately needs a 480x320 screen like the Sony UX-50 or at least a 320x320 screen 12 bit screen.

    Don't get me wrong. I am enjoying my Treo 600 very much, but surfing the web on 160x160???????????? Weaker than weak.

    If this thing just had the Half VGA Sony screen from the ux-50 which is the same width as the Treo 600 screen!!!!

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    How are you gonna get that rectangular aspect ratio of a 320x480 rez screen on a Treo? Oh, wait a minute we already discussed that in another thread!
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    I agree that it really needs 320x320x just so we can have a crisp screen. I can't see putting SplashPhoto or even showing photo's on this Makes me wonder if I am going to keep it or not. I love the phone, good form, good function, but no good in the screen dept. I may get that Ipaq 1940 off ebay so I have my HiRes, BT and support for photo's. The 1940 (have PPC apps anyways) is light and small form factor so I can carry it when I need it. Just wondering. What's around the corner.
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    we had a pretty heated discussion on this in another thread- where some people were defending the screen supposedly for battery life, and we compared form factors to smartphone, blackberry, and pocketpc...

    anyways- in my opinion, bottom line is this-

    you cant even buy a device today that has crappy 3 year old CTN technology except for the treo. dont believe me? the 99 dollar game boy advance uses an active matrix tft screen-

    (diagonal) reflective TFT color LCD
    RESOLUTION 240 x 160 pixels

    battery argument doesnt fly, not when there are probably 5 other devices i can name off hand with superior screen QUALITY (not only resolution) that have same or better battery life. also with transreflective display you dont need to have the ridiculous level of brightness that the t600 screen is jacked up to now, thus the tradeoff...

    my last point-
    if you layed the new blackberry 7230, the nokia 3650, color sidekick, and orange ms smartphone, samsung i500 and the p800 down side by side and told someone to pick the worst screen....they would pick the treo, its that simple, regardless of how close the symbian phones are with 172 pixels or whatever- we're talking screen QUALITY, as well as resolution...

    simply, handspring is not a company known for using quality components or really even building quality products- (based on their previous line) and they decided to cut some serious cost with the screen.

    interesting how the RIM, sidekick, and nokia devices all cost less than the treo, with better displays...makes you wonder the the margin is on those things...
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    Sharp GX-20 has 2.5 inch VGA screen.

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