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    I have a PNY 256MB SD card that is in my 600. It seems it is just a bit longer in length by a hair than the dummy blank card that fills the slot that ships with the 600. This makes my SD card stick out just a tad bit more while in the phone making it easily, actually a bit too easy to pop out of the Treo. So, when I go to grab the phone sometimes, just skimming the top of the treo makes my SD card pop out.

    Anyone else have this problem? Is it just my SD Card?

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    The Treo 600 model I tried with a sandisk 256MB card was fine.

    Are PNY cards slightly longer (I doubt).

    Maybe your slot has moved up a bit?

    Can you push it back down?

    Otherwise you may have to send it in for repair.
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    I've had the same problem. Every other day or so it pops out. The HS fitted case has a tab that runs over the disk slot, which I think helps keep it from falling out at least.
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    Why don't you guys try using PalmPuke! It will make a sound every time your SD card is ejected so you'll never miss it!!
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    i'll have to comparey my PNY with another SD card to see if it's a bit longer. I would doubt it though, I thought all of them would be the same.
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    Yep, have popped out the SD card on several occasions. The fact that the top of the T600 is curved and the SD card is rectangular makes the corners of the SD card stick out ever so slightly. It's easy to catch these corners by accident. This is my only real complaint about the human factors design.
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    I am using a Lexar SD card -- same thing. Tp
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    That was prior post wasn't displayed properly. Like I was saying, you can setup a return, but your replacement will be no different than the unit you presently have. The Treo 600 was designed this way; it's because the unit isn't straight on the top. I really haven't had any issues with it popping out...I keep my Treo 600 in my front poocket.
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    Hmmm, it's weird. One of the first things I tried when I got the Treo today was to insert my (one and only) PNY 256 MB SD card. It did NOT stick out more than the dummy, i.e., it was pretty much flush with the top of the device. Now -- four hours later -- I notice that it's sticking out as much as everyone's describing. Hard to believe that the slot would have changed.

    In comparing the PNY SD card with the dummy, it is indeed slightly larger.
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    well the name wont allow you to forget about it its too amusing!!
    havent purchased sd expansion cards yet. but a little concerned about this pop-out news...

    thats a lot to lose if your sd pops out and suddenly grows legs on you! maybe they will launch a solution to this soon.

    think i may wait for this to happen if many find this to be an issue.
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    Yes, all SD & MMC cards stick out -- well, after trying 14 I say all. The blank is slightly curved, so it isn't a problem. The unit already makes a noise when the card is inserted or ejected, so adding an app would just be redundant.
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    Just got a little strip of black tape over my card and slot. Problem solved
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    My ByteStor 256Mb SD card does stick out a bit - about 1mm at the edges, but flush at the centre. However, this is not enough for me to accidentally eject it - I have to use my nail to push the card into the device before it pops out.
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    the plastic corners on my san disk card stick out . . . how thick is the plastic? think I can sand it down w/ sand paper? any major objections to this?
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    Have you tried the sandpaper yet? that sounds like a good, but dangerous idea...

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