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    For me the apps are:

    Bob's Alarm
    Datebook 5
    Backup Buddy
    Treo Alert Manager

    Like a few others, I also use Advantgo - no problems with it at all. I am testing Takephone and will register it shortly. I also use Natara Comet.

    I know it is more than three...


    Originally posted by VGtalk
    I just talked myself into buying a Treo 600, and I was wondering what 3 apps you guys and gals feel that are must haves for all of us Treo 600 owners?
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    Originally posted by Gameboy70
    Did you actually get Wordsmith to work? Mine got flagged as a "problem program" with OS5 when I synched the T6. I prefer WS' interface to WTG's by an order of magnitude.
    Anyone try wordsmith?
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    More than 3, but...

    (1) Treo Tools
    (2) McPhling
    (3) Verichat
    (4) Snappermail
    (5) Treo Alert Manager
    (6) Basejet
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    Basejet is similar to the BlackBerry "re-director" software. You can set it to scan your Outlook mailbox and send all new msgs or only the unread ones, etc. The thing i like is that you can set it for "manual" synch and retrieve only what and when you want. Also - unlike a blackberry - if you are out of the office and decide you want mail from the past 3 days instead of just new mail from today, you can change this on the fly and get the mail...
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    Anyone know if a decent piece of software to correlate my pictures to my contacts? I'm highly disappointed that Handspring didn't bundle that in, factory standard. Or does anyone know if they plan to release a later version of the Phone Book that will support it?

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