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    I've been using Palms since they came out in 1996. I never really used the memo pad until the treo 300 came out because it is so convenient on the treo. One thing that bothers me about it. You can sort your memos alphabetically BUT if you try to type in for instance "T" to pull up all first memo that starts with "T" (like in Outlook) it opens a new memo and starts typing (in this case "T"). It really should be an option to find your memo by letter (especially when you've got hundreds which is too much to scroll).
    There must be a STABLE app out there to replace such a fundamental app like memo in this area. It doesn't have to be to complicated just simple and smart. I thought I had seen them in the past before I was using a t300. Can someone recommend one to me to solve this problem? Also it should be compatible with the T600 (I got mine last week )

    In advance thanks for the input and advice.
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    For anyone that may be interested

    Memo plus does just what I wanted and has some nice extra features too.

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