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    I have a Treo 270 with T-mobile now. I also understand that the Treo 270 is dual band GSM.

    Does anyone know if my phone would work in China?

    I will probably be purchasing a GSM card in China to use it locally. Anyone have any experience with this or any ideas?

    Thanks in advance for any tips.

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    I got this infor from

    Operator Name China Unicom
    Network Name CU-GSM
    Network Type GSM 900
    Handset Code China Unicom
    Network Code 460 01
    Network Status Live July 1995

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    I was recently in China (Guandong province) and India. I had my Treo 270 (TMobile) with me. I just bought local SIM cards in both countries, and inserted them in my Treo. My Treo functioned flawlessly.
    Hope this helps.

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