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    What are some differences between using a Browser vs. a Palm Client when accessing Business Connection (BC)?
    Refer to the information below.
    Palm Client:

    Device Type - High-end devices with storage capabilities (a Palm OS is necessary).
    Data Requests -
    -Server initiated- sent to the device as it arrives on the Business Connection Server.
    -User/Client initiated- user request or at scheduled intervals.
    -Data Storage / Network Dependence -
    -Data stored on the device.
    -User can access/edit locally and sync at a later time.
    - Some features will only be available while online.


    -Device Type - Devices with WAP or HTML browsers.
    -Data Requests -
    - User-initiated.
    - Data is retrieved in real time when the user makes a request.
    Data Storage / Network Dependence -
    -No data is stored on the device.
    -100% dependent on the PCS network for data access.
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    Treo 600 current palm client creating errors.
    Business Connection users should not load the palm client on the Treo 600 until the new version (6.0) is available on 10/18 or 10/19.
    Type: General Information
    If users load the current palm client on the Treo 600, they will receive errors. They need to remove the client by completing the following steps:

    1. Press the home button.
    2. Press App.
    3. Press Delete.
    4. Select Biz Conn.

    Thank you for choosing SprintPCS
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    Business Connection users, it is time for an upgrade
    Business Connection users will begin receiving upgrade notifications on 10/10
    Type: General Information
    This upgrade will affect current users of both Personal Edition Enterprise Edition and Business Connection Enterprise Edition (BCPE & BCEE).

    BCPE and BCEE users will have an "optional" 7 day upgrade period. During this time they will receive notifications that an upgrade is available (beginning 10/18 - 10/25) and they have the option to upgrade now or later. After the 7 day window is over, the settings will be changed to force users to upgrade. This means that during the 7 day upgrade window, users will still be able to access their services but on day 8, their service will be interrupted until they complete the upgrade.

    Personal Edition:

    Personal Edition, users will need to upgrade both their desktop client and the palm client (if applicable). These users will be notified of the upgrade by:

    A customized message will be displayed to users at the desktop to inform users that an upgrade is necessary (when they connect using the desktop client).

    A voice mail will be delivered to the users handset on 10/14. The voicemail will inform users that an upgrade is coming and direct them to a website for additional information and instruction on how to perform the upgrade.

    A SMS message will be delivered on 10/16 as a reminder and providing the URL for the website.
    At\bcupgrade , information and instructions will be posted for a user to access when doing their upgrade.
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    Enterprise Edition:

    Enterprise Edition users will need to upgrade the palm client (if applicable). These users will be notified of the upgrade by:

    An email containing an informational letter, an end user experience guide and information specific to the administrator will be distributed to the company administrator on 10/10.

    A reminder email will be sent on 10/16 to the company administrator 2 business days prior to the release of 6.0.
    Important: Users can go to\bcupgrade for detailed

    Thank you for choosing SprintPCS

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