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    Bought a 128MB SD card to compliment the T600.

    Am kind of disappointed with the speed at which data is transferred.

    What is considered good transfer speeds? SD card specs and reality are not in sync.

    Any ways to improve performance? I formatted the card - however - had no impact.


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    Don't bother using HotSync for xfer to the card. this a bottleneck. Use a USB card reader instead and simply drag and drop files to the card.

    MMC cards are slower to write than SD cards as a general rule.

    All SD cards have pretty similar write performance. Its Flash nonvolatile so don't expect RAM-like write speeds.
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    The only way to up the speed is to get a faster memory card... The only real option I know of (and it's still a week or so off from being available) are the Ultra line of SD cards from Sandisk. Check out the following link:

    The bottleneck on all transfers (cameras, handhelds, etc.) will remain the cards, not the devices, for the foreseeable future.

    Hope that helps!
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    Hey guys, have you ya'll tried benchmarking the SD transfer speds with VFSMark? I'ld be very interested in the results and how they compare with other palmOS models...
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    Thanks -

    Picked up a SanDisk SD/MMC reader/writer. Seems HotSync or the t600 is the bottleneck.

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    Just to reiterate -

    Sync runs at USB 1.1 speeds. THAT is the main bottleneck.

    Unfortunately, the connector on the Treo 600 is not USB 2.0 compliant (dunno why), nor is the cable USB 2.0 compatible.

    However, you can use either a USB 2.0 or firewire card reader. They are cheap. Transfer speeds are more than 45 times as fast.

    I filled my 512 MB card with mp3 files today in less than 10 minutes using a cheapo USB 2.0 card reader.

    As an added benefit, you can drag, drop, rename folders, move folders, delete folders, etc etc just as you could on a hard drive. It mounts on your computer, similarly to how a Zip disk works.

    If you own any kind of serious PDA with an SD card, you REALLY should get a card reader. It will make your life a lot easier for about $20.
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    Originally posted by gfunkmagic
    Hey guys, have you ya'll tried benchmarking the SD transfer speds with VFSMark? I'ld be very interested in the results and how they compare with other palmOS models...
    VFSMark Results

    File Create: 128%
    File Delete: 237%
    File Write: 47%
    File Read: 158%
    File Seek: 393%
    DB Export: 26%
    DB Import: 387%
    Record Access: 320%
    Resource Access: 309%

    VFSMark: 222

    It's a 512MB SH512 Panasonic Secure Digital card
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    My PCs only have USB 1.1.

    I purchased a PNY SD card reader (USB 1.1) from CompUSA today for $16.00, $4.99 after PNY rebate.

    The transfer speed between the hard-drive and card reader is much, much faster than the hot-sync transfer of files & MP3s. And this is only USB 1.1. I transfered about 40MB of songs in a minute or two (vs. ~15 minutes per 4MB song file via hot-sync).
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    PNY 256MB

    File Create - 33%
    File Delete - 17%
    File Write - 9%
    File Read - 190%
    File Seek - 437%
    DB Export - 28%
    DB Import - 433%
    Record Access - 365%
    Resourse Access - 358%

    VFSMark - 207
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    VFSMark Results

    File Create: 46%
    File Delete: 26%
    File Write: 6%
    File Read: 187%
    File Seek: 421%
    DB Export: 24%
    DB Import: 459%
    Record Access: 362%
    Resource Access: 352%

    VFSMark: 209
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    Guess, I'm happy I got the PNY because I'm looking to mostly read when I play music. I can suffer a little delay to the write process, it goes fast enough with the external reader/writer anyway.

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