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    I get one about every other day, in various apps, but usually when accessing (or recently accessed) internet/data.

    Are others experiencing this or not?
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    Type #*377 into phone app and press Dial. This tells you the last app that crashed. If you know the cause you may be able to remedy it.
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    A Handspring rep told me it was because I am trying to "jump" links too quickly while surfing the web. He said it's better to wait for the page to load before selecting another link. The reset doesn't happen every time I "jump" pages. I am going to try this advice to see if it makes a difference.
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    If the Handspring rep told you that then the browser you are using about which he told you that is broken.

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    when I type #*377 into the phone app and dial I don't get info on resets. am I doing something wrong?
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    OK, I saw on another thread the code is ##377

    it tells me it crashed when in Web, which is consistent with the comment above about moving to the next thing "too quickly." I'll keep an eye on it

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