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    What I didn't like about the Belkin case is that it gripped the phone too tight which required two hands to remove the phone. So I put a 1" cut down both sides of the elastic band and using a soldering iron, fused the edge of the cut to keep from shredding.

    Then I thought the strap wasn't necessary because the phone is secure enough in the case without needing a strap. The strap just got in the way and slowed me down, so I cut it off.

    Now, the case works just like a holster. One quick slide in and one quick slide out...all with one hand! Sweet!

    BTW, someone here mentioned the clip is cheap and it broke on them. I could see how the clip would break if you hit it against something you walk by. Solution? If you break it, buy another one. At $7 a piece, you can by 4 of them for the same amount as a Sprint case.

    This will do great until the Seidio case comes:

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    I just cut a hole in the bottom for the antenna so I could carry the phone upside down. This is even quicker now. It pulls out like a gun.
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    Remeber that PDA/Pager/Cellphone shoulder holster some company was making a long time ago? It looked like one of those holsters a cop wears under a sport coat or something and u could attach little pouches onto it for your various devices. I always thought they were terribly dorky but at the same time sooo damn cool! hehehe who wouldnt want to be able to bust out thier T600 like the 357 magnum of convergence devices it is!

    anybody know if they still sell these?...

    kinda O/T lol
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    Oh yeah, be real fun to try to go through airport security w/ one of those puppies.
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    Here is the website for the shoulder holster rig.
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    is this belkin case the treo case for the 300? and where can i find them for $7
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    Nope it's a generic belkin universal phone case size medium. You can find them at walmart for $8.
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