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    I have been able to download the Audible handheld Palm OS5 software for my Treo 600, but when I try to click on it to play, it immediately resets the unit.

    Anyone successful in getting Audible up and running.

    That would be toooo cool!!


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    I have the same problem -- I installed and synched.... I can see the e-books, but when i try to play them I get a soft reset... Any help?
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    Have you guys seen this thread?

    Are you sure you guys installed the correct prc?
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    that is the one I installed....
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    Originally posted by spumilia
    that is the one I installed....
    Are you SURE? When you activate the desktop portion of Audible it trys to install the original PalmAudiblePlayer.prc file, so you may have the old one.

    Also, make sure you delete the old version before installing the new (so that it's settings will be removed)

    I works great for me (although the screen off setting doesn't seem to work)
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    Do as Wcarlson-40 suggested. After you add the device in audible manager reload the NEW audible prc. It works. I've listened to car talk in the car without earbud and it was great.
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    I also had the same problem. I had to delete a program called Audibleaudio (not to be confused with PalmAudiblePlayer.pdb) on my device and then it worked fine. I used a freeware filemanager program called getleman to find and delete the errant file.

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    I've successfully installed AudiblePlayer on my TREO 600. I then copied an Audible Book [.aa] (format #2) from my desktop computer (Apple MAC Powerbook G4) to my SD card using Missing Sync (an excellent program that I recommend to all). I noticed that installing the PalmAudiblePlayer.prc file placed a folder on my SD card called "AudibleAudio". This is where I copied the Audible Book.
    Anyhow the AudiblePlayer opens find on the TREO 600 but no books are recognized.
    Is this perhaps because the Audible Book files were not installed through the PC application "Audible Manager"?
    Any suggestions on how to get this to work via MAC?
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    My guess is that it does have to be installed through Audible Manager.
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    Yes, when I transfer a file through audiblemanager to my sd card, the program transfers a file that has no extentions (no .aa ) and mangles the name somehow. I don't know how you would replicate it manually.
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    I've got AudibleManager on my PC Desktop, and the AudiblePlayer on my 600 (Version 2.0). But when I try to transfer files from AudibleManager to the 600, nothing happens. I do a sync and the files never materialize. Anybody have any insights into this?
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    Ah ha!! Finally got it working! I downloaded the Audible Manager to my PC, then installed the .prc to the 600, but I was unable to transfer any files to the 600 main memory or to the SD card in the 600 using Audible Manager.

    I finally went out and bought a Dazzle SD card read/writer ($15), plugged it in, and presto! The Audible Manager wrote right to it. For some reason it seems like I have to use Windows Explorer to look at the files on the PC before I can put the card into the 600 and have them recognized there.

    Anyway, I got 4 NPR radio shows installed quick as pie. This is undoubtedly one of THE BEST uses for the 600.
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    i'm having the same problem as tommystone but i'm not too keen on getting a dazzle at the moment. any clues to what's happening? when i sync my audio (via the audio manager) it never seems to appear. i have an /audible folder on my SD card but it's empty... what SHOULD happen? where does this file go? (into that folder i assume)?

    help a brother out!
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    ps what is data.pdb and where does it need to be?
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    Using Audible Manager you add a Palm device (Audio Player for Palm). Click Devices. Then Click Add New Devices. You'll be given a list of devices - add Audio Player for Palm). After that is downloaded from their site Click Devices again and then click Activate/DeActivate and go through the screens presented. It will ask you to hotsync. Do so.
    When that's done your Palm device will appear as a device just like a CD burner or any other MP3 player. Drag an audio file from the top frame in audible manager to the bottom frame. It will say it can't find the device - so hotsync again and it will find the device. Drag the audio file to the bottom frame if you haven't done so already and it will ask you to hotsync again. The file is then on your Treo 600.
    On your Treo go to Home and click on Audible Player. You should then see the player and a list of audio files. Click on an audio file and enjoy. The first time I did this, I got a soft reset. I then went back and downloaded the Audio Player for Palm listed above in this thread and followed the same steps as indicated above. It corrected the reset problem and everything has worked wonderfully for over a week. Hope this helps.
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    what is data.pdb? can i run that or audible from the SD (preferrably both)? or should both be in RAM?

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