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    I installed BIGCLOCK on my 600 today. I can set the alarms and have them go off sometimes, but other times it didn't (more testing is required to verify). However, when I switch from alarm to the time, it crashes and resets the 600. Anyone else tried BIGCLOCK in their 600? Any problems?
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    Yes. I have. Others have as well. It only happens when you try to use the menu, right?

    Search for Bigclock and sort by most recently updated for more info.
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    This should be in Utility or General Software but...

    When I upgraded from a T300, the installation software found that BigClock was incompatible with PalmOS 5 and put it in the incompatible software folder -- either incompatible with OS 5 or the T600. So I assume your problem is a compatibility one.

    Like you, I loved BigClock on my T300. I live in hotels 2-3 days of the week and I just can't rely on the hotel room alarm clock or even the wake up call service to wake me at G*d knows what hour. BigClock had a nice reliable and loud alarm that I was able to customize...

    Anyway, I went and found MegaClock which is a decent substitute for me. Although there is a small hitch where you have to disable the keyguard in order for the alarm sound to come through. At least it doesn't crash the T600 or work half the time which is just unacceptable for me on the road.

    BigClock is freeware, IIRC and MegaClock is shareware. And so MegaClock is more likely to be updated to be 100% fully T600 compatible sooner. However, that may not be the case entirely. I would LOVE to see a T600 compatible version of BigClock

    HTH, CJ
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    I was a big clock fan till I started experiencing the same things you all are experiencing on the Treo 600. Then I discovered MegaClock...Now I doubt I'll switch back to Big Clock.

    With Mega CLock, I mapped the application to the option+phone button, and I set the MegaCLock default to display the clock in the "Citizen Style". This is a really cool skin that really compliments the T600. If you turn off the T600 with MegaClock as your last program, all you have to do is press the power button and the clock opens up...kind of like a screensaver. Yes, the alarms don't work with the keypad locked, but I haven't found a need to lock the keypads yet.

    Try'll like it!

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