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    -treo 600-

    Does anyone know when we will have (if ever) a .wav -to- .pdb converter app (for ringtones from soundfiles-not midi files) like the "very cool" qualcomm utility PVConv (PureVoice) that converts .wav -to- .qcp files for phones that use .qcp format?

    I mean, how hard can it be? Do .pdb files only handle midi for sound or what? I just don't get this. I'm coming from a Sanyo 8100 that isn't worth squat compared to this cool Treo 600, but it at least could use .qcp files.

    Someone help, I'm already tired of the ringers & I'm not a big fan of midi files.

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    NetMite might make something that work.s Try reading their FAQ at:

    It looks like you can convert .wav files (PCM format, 8 bit, mono, 8Khz or 11Khz) into a .pdb files using their "PDBConverter" application, and then play the file in their Palm Audio player. I don't know if that means the .pdb file can be used as a ringtone...

    Never tried it myself, but I would LOVE to have my own .wav files as ringtones (once I get my GSM T600)... :-)
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    just tried that, it crashed my Treo 600 when i tried to play a file.
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    Does that mean you need to change your user name?

    sorry..couldnt resist
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    Originally posted by Crashless
    just tried that, it crashed my Treo 600 when i tried to play a file.
    Hmm..did you try troubleshooting by playing the file from the Treo using that company's audio app? I might help determine if the pdb file is bad (wrong sample rate or whatever). If it works within their audio app, then we know that their pdb file is good, but unfortunately incompatable with the Treo 600 ringtone app (assuming that's how your trying to access the converted wav file)...BTW, does the treo let you assign pdb files as ringtones then?

    Here's another app to try:

    Ring Tone Tools (they mention the Treo specifically):

    Or this:

    WavE for Win 1.0

    Let us know if you have any success with these... :-) I've got all my .wav files ready for conversion, but no T600 to test them on!
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    that second one WaVe something is for an old video player that only converts audio & video at once (i beleive) it uses the audio library (open-sourced) 1.2 is what I'm curious about. Anyway, haven't had the guts to try either out yet (i'm at work anyway), but wander why they never worked this library out at palm or handspring.

    The first link mentions treo, but only talks about converting midi to pdb file. I'm skeptical about this one working. The only palm that talks about wav to pdb is the kyocera 6035 on this site. If someone tries it out and can work through a console on their PC, please post your findings.

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    no sorry, i wasn't very clear. The program itself crashed my treo. It wouldn't let me assign it to the ringer either.
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    Anyone else try this out anymore? I downloaded the WaVE thing, and was able to install successfully, but it won't matter much - the sounds created cannot be added to the list of ringtones. Surely someone will have an application soon that will allow us to do this. I was trying to convert my Outlook new mail notification so I could put it on my 600 when new mail arrives.
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    The Kyocera 7135 has such an app on its CD. Here's the thread that describes it:

    Hopefully this will give you a lead in the right direction

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    I can not find it now, but I am sure I have seen on 1 of the reviews for the Treo 600 the possibility to use .wav or .mp3 files as a ringtone using a 3rd party program to play them.
    I am using at the moment Nokia 9210 (waiting for the 600 to arrive to this part of the world...), and my previous phone the Nokia 9110 - both use .wav file for ring tones. My default ring tone is the Katchup song, and for special tones I am using Hotel California, Olele, It's my life and more...Its going to be very boring to use just normal sounds on the new 600.....
    I also found this site: - it shows the 600 as well, but don't think it will work so simply.

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