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    I've downloaded many different midi files from different sources, but when I play them in the Treo ring manager, they are fairly quiet compared to the ones that come with the Treo 600. The default ringers are very loud (the way I want it), but custom ones are too quiet. Anyone know why? Anyone else notice that?

    I haven't tried buying a midi ringer from Sprint, so I don't know if they have the same problem.
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    yea they are kinda low
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    I noticed this too, and I think it has to do with the types of instruments. I noticed that for song files, that the guitars are much quieter than the drums, etc. I think its just a result of the Midi player in the Treo, and now I hope more than ever that someone develops software for wave or mp3 ringers.
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    I did and experiment where I downloaded a midi file, opened it in a sequencing program and turned up the volume on all the tracks in the midi file to max volume. I loaded it back into the treo and It didn't seem to help at all

    I think it has something to do with the tones. Brighter sounds seem to be nice and loud while sounds with lower tones are not as loud.

    It could be the speaker in the 600, midi files on the 300 seemed to be louder and I believe they use the same tone generator.
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    I think the answer here is that ringtones are generally sold rather than given away because there is much craft in their making. It is very hard to make good audible ringtones. Many phones now feature monophonic tones again for their loudest rintones. Poly tones can be hard to hear due to way our earing works with mixed sounds.

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