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    Sprint customers are saying that there is an MSN link in the Portals (9) section of the PCS Vison home... However, it doesn't seem to come up when I go there on my Treo 600 ...

    Same for you guys?

    - Leo
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    I just checked. On my sprint vision phone (Sanyo 5300), i under the portals link from the vision homepage, i have 5 options:

    1. AOL
    2. Yahoo!
    3. MSN
    4. Earthlink
    5. Google search

    The options must be different depending on what phone you have. What options are shown for Treo600s? I'm anxiously awaiying mine, but i hope that yahoo is still available.
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    Yeah, yahoo is there:

    1. AOL
    2. Yahoo!
    3. Earthlink
    4. Google Search

    Strange that MSN would not be there.
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    Effective 10/14, Sprint offers access to MSN Hotmail and MSN Messenger
    Both accounts are accessed through the Sprint PCS Vision home deck.
    Type: General Information
    Customers that have setup an account with MSN from their personal computers can now access them through a PCS Vision device using their MSN username and password.

    MSN Hotmail can be accessed from the Vision home deck in two places:

    Messaging then Email
    Portals then MSN

    MSN Messenger can be accessed from the Vision home deck in two places

    Messaging then Instant Messaging
    Portals then MSN.
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    Again, they are not available on the Treo 600... at least not for me.

    - Leo

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