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    The convertable case by Case Techworks sounds like my perfect case solution. I want the one without a beltclip. However, Case Techwork's website doesn't stock their own case anymore. In fact, they don't stock any cases anymore. So I'm left with ordering from but they don't sell the case without a belt clip. So what are my other options? Any other stores? Or did I get into the Treo 300 crowd too late, just when the Treo 300 and all its accessories aren't being made anymore?

    Also, what is the different between the Treo 300 Case Techworks Treo II Convertible Case and the Case Techworks Treo III Convertible Case?
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    Ok, maybe I can buy someone's used Case Techworks case. Any offers?
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    Now isn't even selling the case! Where can I buy this case? I'm desperate. Can I buy yours?
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    My T300 was lost last week. Luckily, I had Sprint's replacement program and they sent me out a replacement T300 pronto. However, I can't find anyplace to replace my Case Techworks case. I loved the darn thing. Case Techworks is apparently out of business and I can't find any other case even remotely like it. Any suggestions? Anyone have a used Case Techworks case for a T300 that they want to sell (cheap)?

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    To whoever wants a used casetechworks t300 case, email me and I will send you mine. For the record, when I got my t600 in October, I emailed them asking them if they had a case for the t600. The reply was that they were working on it and they had discontinued the old website. They said they would be relaunching on November 15. Well, that day came and went so I emailed them again and they said to expect it on December 15. Well, that day came and went so I emailed them and they said a couple of weeks. That would have put the date at the beginning of the year. It never appeared so I'm considering another case. The t300 case was perfect which is why I kept waiting for the one for the t600. The web site is if you want to check. It has gone through 3 revisions so maybe all hope is not yet lost.

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