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    I have been an avid follower of Treo 600 for months. (since the summer if I recalled the first day that HS posted 'take a peek at Treo 600' link.

    Listening to the interviews of Jeff Hawkins and others from the San Fransisco Mission Possible event, as well as other rather credible new sources gave me impression that it was launched around Mid-October. But now it has slipped to possibly Late-November.
    What's going on here, seriously?

    That made me keep postponing buying a new cell phone.
    Now that it 's been pushed back further and further. This becomes very frustrating.

    I have a feeling that HS is falling well short of potential customers' expectation. I would still be fine had they told me then it would be available at late Nov. instead of telling us "week following the CDMA launch", "soon", "shortly". By the time customers have a chance to get it, i guess it could be well into winter, as opposed to "fall" that they had promised since early April.

    It does not only frustrate customers, falling short of expectation is also bad for HS' s business.
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    I would imagine part of the problems probably come from the cellular provider and not the manufacturer. After all, the CDMA version for Sprint is already out. Just my opinion.
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    I agree. Fact is that the carriers have Handspring by the nuts. If one GSM carrier (in this case T-Mo) decides to hold things up, then they risk all kinds of nonsense if they release on other carriers first. I would not be at all surprised if T-Mo even has this in their contract. After all, they are #2 behind Sprint in terms of market share w/ Treo owners in the US.

    Nope, I have no doubt that it's the carriers' fault that we have no GSM treos in the states yet. It certainly is not a technical issue because Orange has them already and there ARE people in the US using them right now. Problem is the distribution channel is messed up, perhaps deliberately.

    I think Handspring is just a pawn in a big nasty game/conspiracy hatched by T-Mo, Cingular and AT&T.

    Hello? FCC? Mr. Ashcroft? Somethings rotten here, and it ain't Handspring!
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    LOL. Conspiracy theories...gotta love them. Just like how the Sprint Nokia just "happened" to have a bad chip in the entire line that prevented them from getting good reception. It got so bad that Sprint had to do a trade-in program to get all the upset folks to turn in their Nokia for credit to another phone. Rumor at the time was that AT&T had some deal w/ Nokia to sabotage the phones that went to Sprint....or maybe the chips were just all bad? LOL. Who knows.

    I think on a previous thread, someone mentioned that the GSM Tmobile Treo 600 was held up because of some "specialized software" that TMobile wanted handspring to include with their version, hence the late November release date.

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    Originally posted by echaban

    Hello? FCC? Mr. Ashcroft? Somethings rotten here, and it ain't Handspring!
    What does the Attorney General have to do with this?

    The consumer doesn't care whose fault it is. We're users and we don't care if HS or TMo or ATT or whoever is delaying the product. We just want the d@mn thing.

    HS is in a better position to make arrangements with the carriers than we are. Instead of futzing around (like they did with the GPRS upgrade on the 180/270), they should get their act together and deliver their product.

    Bottom line: it's Handspring's job to make sure the product makes it to market in a timely fashion.
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    The carriers are in the drivers seat, if HS says T-mo better start carrying this phone than T-mo says ba bye! All T-mo has to say is fine we won't carry your phone. This phone is not going to break T-mo or any other carrier but it will probably hurt HS. So I'm sure they will do whatever is neccesary to get the T600 out ASAP!
    HS can't force any carrier to start carrying the T600.
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    You mean when Handspring says "launch" and "available" it doesn't mean what you and I normally think "launch" and "available" mean!!!?

    How about that.
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    I have the phone so it is "launched" and "available" and I got it before the original 10/13 Sprint estimate for availability. If a carrier delays the introduction HS can do nothing but wait for the carrier. If they release the unlocked GSM this month as they said (I don't see how carriers can stop that one), then they will be meeting the delivery deadlines they posted.
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    Glad to see a couple people get it.

    Seem my other posts. Justice department & FCC should look into carriers influence on the distribution channel for handsets. Standards exist that will allow "plug-n-play" for wireless networks for both voice and data. No need for individual carriers to "certify" anything and delay the introduction of product.

    I saw in another string that there is indeed an exclusivity agreement w/ Sprint for CDMA! That's why we have no Verizon. agreements like these should be illegal. It's no good for us and it's no good for Handspring.

    Now lay off Handspring. They're doing a hell of a job given the carriers have their balls in a vise grip.
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    Agreements like the one for Sprint for the CDMA version are not going to be illegal anymore than the agreements by merchants to honor or not honor certain credit cards - like VISA does to AMEX with their exclusivity agreements, or why you cannot find certain products in some grocery stores or find them stuck at the bottom of the shelf out of view. It's business - and they are in the business to make money, and they pay to have a position in the marketplace - it's crappy for people who are brand loyal or are satisfied with their provider - but that's capitalism and our free market society. If Verizon wanted to put up enough $$ to counter the Sprint agreement, they could have (or could they? - maybe they are paying the "Can you hear me now?" guy too much - ha ha!!).

    Keep in mind that sitting back and waiting is probably wise on one hand because Sprint Customer Support now gets to work through all the issues early adopters will have and let the bugs shake out and be fixed before they offer it to their customers.

    Just my two cents -

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