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    I'll try my best to calm down ... but 20 minutes ago ... UPS ... DELIVERED MY NEW TREO 600!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Whew ... I feel better now that I got that out of my system. I'm considering a lawsuit against UPS for the pain and suffering of knowing my Treo was on the truck since 7:18 this morning but they didn't deliver until 5:40!

    At any rate ... let's get to the point at hand ...

    I bought the Treo from our friends here at TreoCentral. Great service by the way. Is there a chance that it would have been charged prior to shipment? The LED immediately went to solid green as soon as I plugged it in.

    What say you? Anyone else experienced this?

    Not that I'm complaining ... This just means I get to play with it 3 hours sooner!

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    FWIW - my battery nearly dead when it first arrived. I had to wait to play with it. Sounds like a different deal for you, though. Good luck.
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    Same here, I ordered mine from HS and just got it today and now have to wait and wait to play with it.
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    mines came nearly charged today!

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