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    I've just found prices at Treostore, Handspring's european distributor. They sell unlocked Treo @ 899EUR (1021 USD)

    I think this is far too expensive ? Any other information about european pricing ?

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    3 months ago I tried to buy them a Treo 270:

    1) They didn't answer the phone (they were on holidays for the whole month of August) and couldn't let them a voice message
    2) Web forms didn't work
    3) Never replied me a mail asking for information
    4) Send them faxes ... nothing

    So I got tired, seemed they didn't want to sell ... or they didn't know how to make business.
    I wouldn't trust them.

    And now the Treo600 for 899€ !! what a shame!

    I have received a mail to confirm a a pre-order I did for the Treo 600. Of course I have canceled it.

    I have to visit Las Vegas next january so I will wait and save a lot of money.

    Why HS is not selling directly ??? where is the global internet market we were promised just 3 years ago???

    If you live in an european country with no Orange presence you are lost... have to pay the double. What kind of marketing is this?

    I'm very disapointed, I have been owner of a Treo 180 and a 270 and have to pay 1000$ for an upgrade? no way ...

    Joan López i Graupera
    Barcelon@ - Catalonia
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    I had a posting about this earlier.

    Is it possible that because Handspring (unlike Motorola or Nokia) has no European manufacturing operations, they are subject to some horrific tariffs? Perhaps the partnering with Orange allows them to circumvent this.

    Price deltas like the ones your describing certainly don't make sense if Handspring alone controls the costs. Seems to me that transportation costs to Europe should be no different from that to the US (I believe the Treo is made in Asia)

    I have a feeling Handspring has no control over the pricing situation your describe, but I could be wrong.

    Regardless, sounds like there is an opportunity for "gray market" Treos in Europe. I have no doubt someone will exploit it.
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    I just received a mail confirming the arrival of the first unlocked T600's at Expansys available for european countries:

    693 € for Spain and euro countries
    438 pounds for UK
    599 $ at the USA site

    not so bad ...
    Joan López i Graupera
    Barcelon@ - Catalonia
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    This one seems to be available in Europe with QWERTY keyboard.
    We french-speaking people (not only from France but also from Belgium or Swiss) need the AZERTY version.
    Still no AZERTY Treo600 SIM Lock free !
    TreoFrance , la première communauté francophone entièrement dédiée au Treo
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    Originally posted by Treobuddy
    Still no AZERTY Treo600 SIM Lock free !
    at least ther is a AZERTY keyboard. We German speaking people would like a QWERTZ keyboard except I haven't even seen one, yet. As I understand it, in France Orange has to unlock the phone after half a year if the customer wants it. You'll get your AZERTY eventually, we have to grap a pen and start creating our own keyboard

    who would take a QWERTY unlocked treo 600 any day, just not from treostore
    treopolis -the German treo site

    Now in beta testing: treopolis 2.0
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    i wrote to treostore and told them that they can wait for long in case they expect customers. most smartphone people communicate internationally and it would be dumb if anyone allows this kind of exploitation. i just hope that not too many rich people get restless and go for the 900 euro treo. have patience everybody. treostore, we dont need you. i am just wandering why handspring is allowing this to happen. right in the end, it is handspring's fault to allow this nonsense.
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    I take your idea. I will write a memo to Treostore telling them I'm not stupid. I will tell them how easily I got an unlocked Treo 270 from the states just two months ago at 40 % of Treostore's price.
    And I got the treo from USA quicker than they answer my mail asking for more information ...

    HS friends: we (europeans) want unlocked GSM T600's at reasonable prices NOW !!!
    Joan López i Graupera
    Barcelon@ - Catalonia
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    treostore is definitely a rip-off.

    see the following thread for a petition a "reasonable price for treo600 in europe".

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